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  • Tylor and Zara
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About Canis Major

 Mackey Kelly established Canis Major in 1992.  Before he started Canis Major, Mackey trained for the Lakewood K-9 Academy in Norman, Oklahoma with Rick Maynord.  Mackey assisted Rick in training several  K-9's and handlers that went on to place in and win the United States Police Canine Association Competition (U.S.P.C.A).  Mackey is a Reserve Officer for the Mountain View Police Department.  He has maintained CLEET accreditation for Narcotics Detection Canine Handlers School, Scent Discrimination Canine Handlers School, and Criminal Apprehension Canine Handlers School.  Mackey currently trains in Minco, Oklahoma where his dogs serve Oklahoma law enforcement agencies including municipal police departments and county sheriffs offices. 



Contact Mackey for more information:

(405) 352-4466

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