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CLEET Accredited Schools


Canis Major offers CLEET accredited K-9 handler courses in Narcotics Detection, Criminal Apprehension, and Scent Discrimination Man Tracking.  Donnie Recker, currently serving as Police Chief of Eakly, OK, has thirty plus years in law enforcement and assists in teaching the officers.

Richard Kirby, Associate District Judge, Oklahoma County, currently teaches the legal portion of the narcotics detection school and offers invaluable advice.  Judge Kirby has served as district attorney for ten years, General Counsel for the Governor's Office and General Counsel for the Oklahoma Department of Corrections. He is currently an Adjunct Professor of Law at Oklahoma City University.

The canine schools are primarily held in Caddo County, Oklahoma.  Hands on practical exercises are conducted in numerous locations, requiring us to travel to surrounding counties in order to provide the canine team the best look at a variety of real world conditions.



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